Best Powerful Android Phone Cleaner

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Why powerful phone cleaner matters? Because if your phone already full of junks and slower than before, you can’t install bulkier cleaning tool that require more resources or performance to gain lost performance. Cleaning tools must be light weight that can be easily downloadable and install. Should work utilizing small amount of RAM and CPU like Clean Master. Because your device already has limited RAM and CPU workload available.

Powerful and effective Cleaning tools can bring back lost performance easily. Powerful phone cleaner is one of the best cleaning tools out there for free. It is available on Google Play Store. If you have Google play store you can easily download and install it for free. If not, you can use alternative options like AC Market or Aptoide.

This powerful Android cleaning tool can clean all the junk available on your device to get free storage. Junks are the files that take your storage space. Those files cannot be deleted by uninstalling apps, games and tools. You mush use clean master application to remove those files.

Features of Powerful Phone Cleaner

Smart Cleaner and Junk Cleaner – This is a powerful one tap phone cleaner that removes Junks, Cache files, Residuals from system updates, residuals from app updates, duplicates, unwanted data files and more. This feature has interesting and easy to use user interface with awesome animations.

Memory Cleaner – This feature can quickly boost Android performance. If you favorite games or application run slow and need more performance, use this feature to close all other applications and free up RAM and CPU workload from those apps for your favorite app or game.

Notification Cleaner – When the number of Apps, games increases you will receive lots of notifications. If those notifications have junks or unwanted notifications that need to be blocked, you can use this feature to block all those annoying notifications easily.

CPU Cooler – CPU temperature rises quickly when it at maximum load. That happen when you have many background processers and opened apps. Some complain there are not opened apps, but my phone is still hot. That is because even after closing applications, many used to have background services. You can find those CPU intensive processers can close them to cool down your phone or CPU.

Battery Saver – Just like CPU temperature, when the number of background processers increases, it uses more power. There are many tasks or processers that drain power even without using the phone. You can find those unwanted tasks and put them to hibernate. That helps you to have much longer battery time than before.

Above listed only few features of powerful phone cleaner. You can install this cleaning application on Android TV boxes or Fire TV devices. For that you can use Filelinked or Aptoide. If you found Filelinked code for Powerful phone cleaner, use Filelinked. Filelinked is the best solution when it comes to install APK files on Android TV.


Typing long hard to remember URLs on “Downloader” application to install files are over now. Now you can use easy to remember and type codes on your TV box to download or visit awesome Android TV app stores full of streaming apps. Most popular TV stores that use codes are AppLinked and FileSynced. You can find many Applinked codes for many movies and TV shows apps.

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