Termux APK | Android terminal emulator and Linux environment

Termux APK serves as an innovative open-source application. This application brings the experience of the Linux command shell straight to Android devices. Fredrik Fornwall is the mastermind behind its development. Amazingly, it gained significant traction on Google Play, earning itself a notable 4.7-star rating. In comparison to the Android Classic Terminal Emulator, it offers enhanced features. One major highlight is the vast Linux package library that it provides access to. Moreover, if you’re someone who relies on external keyboards, this application won’t disappoint. It’s completely compatible with them. Furthermore, it even facilitates keyboard shortcuts, making navigation a breeze.

termux apk

Features of Termux

Now, diving deeper into its features, you can use the Python console in Termux much like a pocket calculator. Moreover, there’s no limitation to the number of ZSH and Bash shells it can support. For developers, it provides a convenient platform to view projects. It integrates seamlessly with tools like Subversion and Git. As for editing, whether you prefer Vim, Nano, or Emax, Termux has got you covered. Also, file management becomes a cinch with NNN. Keen on programming in C? With Termux, you get Clang, make, and GDB. In addition, for those lighter moments, you can indulge in text-based games using frots. It doesn’t end there. The package collection is vast, making it a strong contender in its category. The interface is user-friendly and clutter-free. And for those times when you have queries, there’s a dedicated chat room for assistance.

Technical Details

Delving into its technical aspects, the package name for Termux is com.termux. As mentioned earlier, Fredrik Fornwall played a pivotal role in its inception. The primary language it employs is English. Falling under the ‘General’ category, it’s a free application. Android is its native operating system.

Installation Guide for iOS & Android

Interestingly, Termux finds compatibility with iOS alongside Android. Installing it is quite straightforward. First, hit the download button on the respective website. Then, make sure to navigate to your device settings and activate the ‘unknown sources’ option. Post this, locate the downloaded APK file through your file manager. Afterward, just tap on ‘install’ and patiently wait. Once done, you can conveniently use Termux to address Android-specific challenges.


Downloading Termux: You have multiple avenues. The official Termux website the Google Play Store or even various third-party app stores.

Obtaining the Latest Version: For the freshest version of Termux, consider visiting its official site, the Google Play Store, or vetted APK websites.

Setup Commands: To elevate your Termux experience, several commands can be employed. Some examples include apt update, apt upgrade, and termux-setup-storage.

Compatibility with Older Android Versions: Some versions, like 4.4.2, might face issues. However, some third-party APK websites might house older iterations of the Termux APK.

What is Termux?

Essentially, it’s an Android application. It proffers both a terminal emulator and a Linux environment. Thus, it bridges the gap, allowing Linux command-line tools usage on Android.

About Termux-API:

Think of it as an extension for Termux. It grants permission to tap into Android APIs and vital services. This means one can interact with functionalities like the Android camera and microphone with ease.

Downloading from F-Droid: For open-source enthusiasts, the good news is that Termux is also present on F-Droid.

In conclusion, this comprehensive summary sheds light on the multifaceted nature of the Termux APK.

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