CLEANit App For Android – Free Tool to Clean Your Android Device

Cleanit App is a powerful, self-sufficient, and intelligent Android cleaner.

It offers a comprehensive suite of features that are designed to help you free up space on your phone.


This app has been developed based on the latest machine learning technologies and runs on the top of your phone to automate tasks for you.

Cleanit App features include:- Junk Files Cleaning: This feature scans your phone and automatically cleans out any unnecessary junk files.

Cleanit Junk File Cleaner For Android

The cleaner has also been designed to clean up cache and other residual files on your phone periodically so that you don’t have to worry about space getting taken up by these types of files. It’s important to keep these types.

Cleanit is a simple app that helps you get rid of all the junk files on your phone.

It can scan the entire phone for junk files and free up storage space.

All you need to do is download the App, launch it and let it do its job.

Then the App will scan for the junk files on your phone and show you the details.

You can decide to remove or keep them depending on what type of file it is.

This app includes,

  • A good way to keep your phone clean and free of junk files.
  • A smart scan that can be run with the press of a button.

Cleanup mode is perfect for people who have time constraints and don’t want to remove everything from their phones.

Cleanit has a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate around. The app also includes an auto analyser.

It’s the first app that can remove junk files, free up space, and boost device performance with a single click.

It is easy to use and super simple to master, removing the need for complicated cleanup tools.

This App can Boost your device performance with one-tap Boost Mode and Remove junk files, free up space and make your phone faster than ever before.

Cleanit App is an extraordinary junk file cleaner. This app has been designed to help you to effectively and efficiently clean your device by removing unnecessary files from your phone or tablet in a simple manner.

It does not require root permissions and can also be used on any Android device, including tablets and smartphones running Android 2.3 or higher.

Are you tired of cleaning your phone’s files?

Let the cleanit App make your life easier. It frees up storage, speeds up your phone, and prevents all sorts of junk from cluttering up your device.

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