Zolaxis Patcher APK – Free Skin Injector App for Mobile Legends

If you play the game Mobile Legends video game and you want to unlock all your favorite skins without any complication.

Zolaxis Patcher APK is a well-known best premium skin injector for the game.

This application is mainly designed for Mobile Legends players who can’t afford to buy expensive skins.

Zolaxis Patcher APK

You can use skins to customize various characters, and you can download any skin you want without spending a penny.

Even though Zolaxis Patcher APK is a third-party application, you don’t have to worry about getting banned if you use this application. And also, no detection.

Further, there are about 200 skins available in the app, and the list is continuously increasing.

Zolaxis Patcher features. ( review )

There are plenty of skins available for the game, including 68+ Fighter skins, 53+ Assassin skins, 63+ Marksman skins, 31 Tank skins, 53 Mage skins, and 17 Support skins. And you can see a detailed list below.


68 Fighter skins, 5 Chou skins, 5 Guinevere, 5 Aldous, 5 Badang, 5 Freya, 5 Alucard, 5 Leonard, 4 Zilong, 4 Jawhead, 4 Ruby, 3 Yuzhong, 3 Dyrroth, 3 Masha, 3 Silvanna, 3 Terizia, and 2 Thamuz skins.


53 Assasin skins, 5 Gusion skins, five fannies, 5 Selena skins, 5 Ling skins, 5 Lancelot skins, 5 Natalia, 5 Helcurt, 5 Karina, 5 Hayabusa, 5 Saber, 3 Hanzo


63 Marksman skins, 5 Granger, 5 Lesley, 5 Claudy, 5 Kimmy, 4 Hanobi, 5 Moskov, 5 Karrie, 5 Miya, 5 Lrithel, 5 Bruno, 5 Layla, 4 Roger, 3 Yi Sun-Shin, 2 Popol and Kupa.


31 Tank skins, 3 Trigreal, 4 Khufra, 4 Uranus, 4 Jhonson, 5 Franco, 5 Grock, 3 Lolita, 2 Gtotkaca, 3 Minotaur, 3 Atlas.


53 Mage skins, 5 Valir, 5 Harith, 5 Odette, 5 Kagura, 5 Lunox 5 Harley, 5 Change, 4 Zhask, 4 Lylia, 4 Esmeralda, 3 Phrsa, 2 Lou Yi, 2 Kadita, 2 Cecilion.


17 Support skins, 5 Nana, 5 Angela, 4 Estes, 3 Diggie.

And many more.

How to download the application?

Zolaxis Patcher is available for android, and you can download it as an APK file on many websites.

However, to run this application without any issues, you android device has to be updated with android 5.0 or later.

Unfortunately, Zolaxis Patcher is not available for IOS operating system, so you cannot use the app on your Apple I phone, or I pad.

In addition, you can run this application on your Windows PC with an android emulator.

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