WairCut – Free Network Security Software for Your PC

A few sets of tools have been developed to audit your wireless network and secure it from any possibility of threats that can harm your system.


Waircut is one of the best tools that has been developed for this task, and it can give you the best possible security to your wireless network easily.

You won’t find any tool that is more effective than Waircut because it comes with plenty of great features that can guarantee the security of your network.

Why does cyber security matter?

As the Internet has become more accessible for everyone in the world more than ever, the chances of your devices being connected to an internet connection are much higher.

This can include your phone, computer, IP camera, and other security cameras, and even Your Smart TV could be connected to the Internet through a wireless network connection.

From these devices, your smartphone and your computer are some of the highly sensitive devices to be vulnerable to any type of attack. That’s is the reason why you have to install software like WairCut on your PC.

Because, these devices can have your very private data such as your ID information, your private photos, videos, your bank account details stored into it by yourself.

Therefore, you must be concerned about the safety of your wireless network connection that you are using to connect your devices to the Internet than ever before.

So, there are so many cyber-attacks recorded daily from all around the world, which happen very often.

There are a few simple things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim, and you can protect your data from any vulnerabilities.

One of the best and easiest action you can take is to install a software application like Waircut to your computer and let it do its job.

It comes with a great set of features and tools to help you to protect your network from attacks.

There are some of the key features of the Waircut network auditing tool below.

  • Optimizing your router’s security.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Its own database of WPS pins.
  • WairCut Application has the supportability to eight different languages.
  • This can be used for both home-level and enterprise-level usage.
  • The software throws fake attacks to your system by itself and analyzes any loopholes, and it fixes those loopholes by enabling protocols.

And there are many more features.

How to download the Waircut Software?

Waircut has the supportability to all the latest versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 7, 8, and 10.

And this software also requires you to install Microsoft Net framework 4.0 to your PC as well.

You can download the software’s Zip file and then extract it using software like 7 Zip or Win RAR.

And then, you have to install this software called JumpStart on your PC in order to run Waircut.

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