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CapCut is one of the essential applications to edit your videos in the most perfect way. It gives you all the freedom to create fantastic videos with beautiful moments you captured in your life. The app was named Via maker before, but it was recently renamed as CapCut by the company. But it is only the app icon, and the name has been replaced, not the content in it.

capcut apk

CapCut is well known for many in one video applications. The users have the ability to the, most of the required features in a video editing application in one. There are so many applications that have different features which users have to install a number of applications to complete their editing task. But using the CapCut enables them to from one application install do all the editing requirements.

Capcut features

High Quality Video editing

CapCut app offers you a high quality video editing facility that cannot be experienced in another video editing app. In most video editing applications, it is common to reduce the quality of the video when it is getting edited. But with this app, you can edit videos without any quality loss. You can easily edit the video and export the video. You can import and edit videos from low resolutions to full HD resolutions.

You can edit videos from 15FPS, 27FPS to 30FPS, 60FPS Frame rates. You can select the resolution of your videos such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p. There are different kinds of frame rates such as 24FPS, 30FPS, 50FPS, and 60FPS; you can select any frame rate for your video without any problem.

Advanced Filters

CapCut offers its users hundreds of beautiful filters which match different situations, live conditions, different locations, different sceneries, different events and etc. For example, if you are on a beach there’s a separate filter that is suitable for a beach environment. If it is a Birthday Party of a friend there are filters that match a party environment. If it is Halloween, Christmas, Wedding celebration whatever there are various kinds of filters matching to the event.

Beauty Effects

These beauty effects also can be taken as a famous feature. Using this function you can edit your face and skin by making your skin a little smooth or change the tone of your skin. Besides this beauty effect function also has nighttime effects where you can video night parties and dark events.

Media Library

CapCut offers its users a media library that offers free content. There is copyright free content such as music and songs. You don’t have to worry about searching for separate music and stuff because you can search music, songs, and any media from CapCut within seconds. So with this facility users are free to add music backgrounds to their videos using the media library.

Add Texts to the video

CapCut offers the chance to add texts to the video. If there’s any special stuff to be introduced, you can introduce them by adding texts to your video. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the front, middle, or at the end; you can change your font style, font color, and font size anytime and make the best video for yourself without problems. Moreover, this offers a doodle writing facility where you can write or draw on the video while it’s playing.

Backgrounds and Stickers to the video

You can assign a frame or a background to your video. You can also assign stickers to your video. Here, you can use the stickers that you made from the Sticker Maker app which are your own customized sticker packs. You can assign them according to the situation or event.

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