Mouse Jiggler – Free Application to Avoid Windows Sleep Mode

Mouse Jiggler is one of the easiest ways to avoid Windows operating system sleep mode in few seconds.

Due to the simplicity of the Application, many people all around the world have installed this Application on their computers and use it every day.

Mouse Jiggler

One of the other important things is that the Mouse Jiggler App is totally free to use.

Mouse Jiggler Features Review

Mouse Jiggler is a lightweight application designed for Microsoft Windows operating system.

The primary function of this tool is to help users to avoid Windows sleep mode. It is also known as screen saver mode.

You might be wondering why you need to use a tool like Mouse Jiggler and avoid Windows sleep mode.

Because, there are certain instances where you do not want the Windows sleep mode to interrupt your work.

For example, let’s see some of those instances where you have to prevent Windows screen server mode using applications like Mouse Jiggler.

If you are in the middle of downloading a large file, it might take time on your computer, and therefore, there is a chance that your PC detect it as a computer idling situation.

If it detects such a false positive PC idling instance, Windows operating system may automatically put itself into sleep mode.

So, in that case, there is a probability that your downloading process gets interrupted due to windows sleep mode.

As a result, you will lose the download process partially or entirely.

So you can imagine such cases, and you might already have similar experiences with Windows operating system.

You can simply avoid such interruptions due to sleep mode with the help of Mouse Jiggler application.

Mouse Jiggler Download and Installation instructions

Mouse Jiggler is a freeware application, and it has been there for a long time.

Many people love to use this software because it is so lite that even your computer does not feel that there is software like that.

You can download the Mouse Jiggler Application from almost all the Windows app repositories as well as the Application’s website.

Further, some popular web applications offer platforms out there, and you can get this app from them as well.

Once you have downloaded the Mouse Jiggler application, you will have to follow 2 to 3 on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

That’s all you have to do when it comes to downloading and installing this software application.

There are two options known as “Jiggler” and “Zen-Jiggler when you are using it.”

You can choose either one according to your preference.

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