Flipaclip Download | Create 2D Animation from you mobile

Create animated movies by using Flipaclip. By joining with the community of the animations, design, and share what you have made. Animate what users have in their minds. Turn your imagination into reality. Flipaclip is an app that makes the animation frame by frame. Work is fun and easy. Design what you want with the Flipaclip. Initially design the cartoons and all. Make animations for movies and create them unique. Just after creating such animation, export them to Instagram and YouTube. Share them with friends and enjoy yourself. For multiple purposes anyone capable of joining Flipaclip and performing whatever they want.


Every time Flipaclip does the best. It is always doing the great drawing that Flipaclip can do. By the easiest control gestures, any user would be capable of finishing his cartoon by their own hands. Aside from creating what you desire, the users can learn anything they want. The formation of a rotoscope video is really easy with the app. Just try it once and realize its importance by joining the Flipaclip committee. Here are some key features of our amazing app. 

Art drawing tool 

Here the arts are possible with the presence of all tools. If the users are a practiced person for arts, here there are familiar tools like ruler, eraser, brushes, and other all required for the animation. Although several font options here support a unique creation by you. 

Number of the animation layers 

While designing anything you desire, you will meet diverse functions and tools. Hereby the app any user allowed for three layers for free. If you want to add more layers to your creation, certainly you have to go pro. By Pro, you will revive up to 10 layers. But there is a disadvantage to the addition of multiple layers for single creation. After you have added more than six layers, certainly there might be problems with the performance. 

Video animation tools 

Frame by frame creation of the animation is really easy with the presence of an app called Flipaclip. Although while creating animations, Flipaclip made it easy with the guide by Flipaclip. 

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Creating audio and video 

Create s video by inserting animations. Create it as your desired method. If you want to add more animations that are allowed by the Flipaclip. Insert audios if required. The Flipaclip allowed me to add up to six tracks for free. Although by using your own voice, record any audio clip, and insert that onto the video. 

Animated photos and videos 

Animate for all that you want by Flipaclip. Here there are multiple tools for the desired creation. That can be easily done with the existing features. 

Create and share 

Just after creating the animation, export that anywhere you want. Post it to the others. Just enjoy the app. The all given facts are about the significance of the Flipaclip. There are no other applications that can be equivalent to Flipaclip. Certainly, you would like it just after trying it once. Finally, I have to say that Flipaclip is the best one. 

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