Snapchat Apk Latest version Free Download for Android [57.48MB]

Snapchat apk is the most recommended mobile messaging application that supports several mobile platforms. So now, Android and iOS users can freely download the Snapchat apk application through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.   

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Snapchat apk is the best way to share photos, footage, text, drawings on your smartphone. Users have the freedom to get those facilities for free, and sending those messages are completely free without any limitation. Now, this is one of the most popular mobile applications among global young users. It takes a concise time to get into the popular list from the beginning. Among other plenty of forms on photo and text sharing, snapchat includes one primary feature different from them. That is the feature, disappearing messages of the receiver’s phone after several seconds. 

Let’s see how to use Snapchat Apk

Users can easily use this snapchat app for their Android and iOS smartphones. It is very simple to use, and let’s see how it is.

First, you have to take a picture using a smartphone camera. Now select recipients in your contact list. Here users have the possibility to choose the visible time of the messages, and you can choose the time up to 10 seconds. Then click the send button. Receivers can easily view the messages by tapping on them. It is just a simple process. When the photos disappear from the device after the settled time has expired, it remains the related details such as a sender stamp remain. 

 Here users have the freedom to add friends to the device contact list. By the way, there is an option to add friends to those who are nearby them. So now, this is the most compatible way to add and become friends with each of them. 

Features of Snapchat apk

  • Snapchat Lenses
  • Snapchat Stories
  • Snapchat Memories
  • Snapchat Discover
  • Live Stories
  • Snapstreaks and Emoji’s

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Privacy settings on Snapchat apk

When you have successfully downloaded snapchat apk, then set up your account. Now you can receive messages from snapchat used friends, and here, users have the freedom to set snapchat accounts only for accept contacts. So here you can update it as “My Friends”. Here you can list those in the settings menu and to enable this select “Who can send me snaps…”, then you can select “My Friends” instead of the default setting “Everyone.”

Then let’s see how to block a person on snapchat. On the menu icon first, you have to tap on it. Then you have to select “My friends “. Now select names and swipe right across and hold on the name. Now you have to tap edit, then select option block. If you want to delete the name, then you have to select delete. 

Think that you did not add names on your My friends’ list, they will appear. If they send snaps, all those are stored in a “recent” file. 

Download and install Snapchat apk

For Android and iOS devices, users can easily download the snapchat apk from Google Play Store and App Store. To download it first, you have to visit the Google Play Store or App Store. Then tap on the install button. Then the process begins, and it takes only a few seconds. 

Finally, you can enjoy all the opportunities given by the app. 

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