Mobizen Screen Recorder APK v3.7.1.8 for Android [22.17MB]

When screen recording apps became the most popular application in the world. Android developers also imposed some facilities for this, and they allow them to download Mobizen Screen Recorder. So now, users can easily download Mobizen Screen Recorder from Google Play Store for every Android smartphone easily, without any mess. Mobizen Screen Recorder is the most recommended screen recording application, and it allows users to record all the things that happen on your device screen. So now, Android users have the freedom to freely record what is on your screen by following easy steps.

Mobizen Screen Recorder 

Mobizen Screen Recorder designed with user attractive interface, and it is user-friendly. So without any user-experience, any user can easily record high-quality videos using this Mobizen Screen Recorder. When you have completed the download and install process there, you can see one of the best options offered by the app. That is the Air Circle option. It appears on the right side of the screen, and it comes with three main features for “Record, Capture and Circle menu.”

All you should know about Mobizen Screen Recorder

Screen recording

Mobizen Screen Recorder comes with different types of facilities to increase user performances. Among those facilities, a recording facility is the most popular one. This is the way that allows users to record the device screen. When you tap on the record button, it begins to record everything that is happening on your smartphone screen. By the way, Mobizen Screen Recorder allows users to record high-quality videos, games, and thousands of other footage.

When you tap on the record button, the screen recording process begins. Here it records the sounds in high quality, and users have the freedom to pause the recording and start it again and stop it when you prefer. After finishing the recordings, you can save it on the SD card. If not, you can save it on the internal memory.

Screen capturing

Screen capturing is another facility that provides by Mobizen Screen Recorder. For that, tap on the ‘Capture’ option. Then users have the freedom to quickly capture screenshots very easily. When you tap on the capture option now, it captured snapshots of the screen. Those screenshots that you take instantly saved in your smartphone gallery.

For both screen recordings and screen captures, Mobizen Screen Recorder provides users a wide range of facilities for video editing. It releases several editing tools and those facilities included in the Circle menu of the app. Here Mobizen Screen Recorder releases additional video facilities such as outro video, intro video, trimming of the video, screen capture, and background music. All those facilities offer you to enhance the quality of the video.  Here the settings menu also essential and useful for the performances of the app as it allows several customization options for users.

The other smart feature of the application is Face cam. This is the best way to record both the stress and the sounds of the videos as well.  Here you have to enable settings in the menu of the Mobizen Screen Recorder app.

Mobizen Screen Recorder 

Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder

For Android users, this is one of the latest compatible screen recording applications, and now users have the freedom to download the app directly. Now it can use to record all the things that are happening in your smartphone freely. Here Mobizen Screen Recorder comes with several facilities. Among the most common features mentioned below.  Those are,

  • User-friendly interface
  • Smart facilities
  • Well designed layout and design
  • Facilities for video editing
  • Latest customizing methods and more

How to download Mobizen Screen Recorder?

Mobizen Screen Recorder includes in Google Play store. So for the users, those who are interested in screen recording through Google Play store now you can easily download and install the application. Here it does not take too much time, and just in a few seconds now, users have the freedom to download the app without any difficulty.

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