Power Director V6.7.2 videos editor – Latest version free Download [58.4MB]

 You can use this app for various editing of the videos. You can use this app for free with all the exclusive premium features. This is known as the perfect editor of the videos and movie maker. Some people questioned, is this true? Yes that is true. By this app you could make the videos in the quality of the 4K. You could find many powerful features that you couldn’t find anywhere. Chroma key is one of those. Other than that there are more features. Do you wish to know them? Yes I think those will be helpful for the downloading of the power director app. Then let us see the most important details apps for the downloading of it.

  • Size of the app –  this is about 58.4 MB sized app 
  • The developer of the app – CyberLink. Com offered this app 
  • The latest version of the app – v 6.7.2
  • The requirement for the app – it required 4.4 or a higher version 

  That is about it. Then we will see, 

How can I download the power director app for my mobile device?


  • Here I have provided you with the easiest method for downloading. Just click on it. 
  • Wait for some time. It will be downloaded 
  • Then tap on the install. 
  • Then work with the app.


How can I download the power director app for your pc? 

  • You could use the BlueStacks and the Nox for the downloading 
  • Click on the above download section provided in here 
  • It will be downloaded sometime after 
  • Then click on the install 
  • After installing it works with that. 

  After that we will move into the features of the app. 

New features in power director videos editor

  • Chroma key feature 

With this feature the background can be edited with green color. That is instant action. 

  • Options for the speed adjustment 

   You can adjust the speed of the video clips as you wish. Mainly there are two ways. You can make your video fast-forwarding as well as slow motion. 

  • Various transition effects. 

   You can add these effects to the transformation slides of the idea. Altogether there are about 15 effects of the video. There are about 20 templates. Colour filters are an amazing feature here. 

  • Can add music and voice cuts 

   You can use your mobile phone for this. You can add the voice-overs by using the voice editor. 

  • Using multiple videos 
  • Video and photos editing 

   You can edit with more effects and features for photos and videos. Trimming, splitting, and cropping can be done. 

  • You could export the edited videos. Those are in the 4K resolution. 
  • Addition of the background music. You could add anything you would like. 
  • Creating memories for video. For this you can connect many videos or the images. 
  • No any presence of the watermark 
  • Disabled with analytics 
  • No ad contained here. That is a help for your work even.

That is about the one useful app for you. It will be helpful for the editing service of yours. Then what do you think about the legal confirmations? 

   There is no restriction for this app. Therefore you could use and download it without any worry. That is a type of nice app.

FAQs about power director videos editor


  • Is this a free app? 

              Yes, this is a totally free app. You need not pay a single amount. Therefore download it and work for it. But also, there is a premium version.

  • What is the requirement of the app? 

  It requires a device that is with 4.4 version or greater than that. 

  • Are there any ads contained here? 

  No there is no single ad contained here. 

  • Is this a safe app for my device? 

 Yes, this is totally safe. There is no harm in this app. Even there is no harmful software included in there. 

  Now you know all the details related to the above app. Then experience it with pleasure. I think this above video editing software helps you a lot. Also checkout peggo app.

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