Samsung Video Player Android apk V7.3.04.111 – Latest version free Download [7.8 MB]

The above app is acting as a video player on mobile phones. That is especially for Samsung mobile phones. That is the default feature here. You can perform multiple tasks of the videos. You can use this app to watch many videos. There are two types of videos that can be watched by using this app above. Mainly you could watch the videos that you have recorded by using the camera of the pool phone. Other than that you can watch the videos you have downloaded by using the above app.

   By using this app you could experience more features in the app. If you want to experience the app no more you can deactivate them. By using this app you can work with the app easily and comfortably. Then I described to you the main details of the app. 

I think the above brief details will help you to get an idea about this app. Then after we will see some main details of the app. Those are required details for a user. 

  • Size of the app – this is about 7.8 MB sized app 
  • Downloads of the app – it has performed about 2,000,000+ downloads 
  • The latest version of the app – that is
  • Category of the app – that is included in the video 

Now you know these details even. So after that we have to find a way to download this app for your device. See you about it. 

How can I get this Samsung Video Player on my mobile phone?

Download Now 

  • I have provided links for downloading the app here. 
  • Therefore click on the appropriate place 
  • It takes sometimes for the downloading 
  • Then click on the install appeared after the download process 
  • Sometimes later you could work with the app 


How can I get this Samsung Video Player into my pc? 

  • You want an android emulator. You have to install such alike BlueStacks 
  • Then select the appropriate place to download the app 
  • Click on the download 
  • After downloading it will install sometimes later 
  • Then work with the app 

By following the above steps you could successfully install the above app into your pc. Then we pay our attention to the features of the app. 

Features of the Samsung Video Player

  • It provides browsing of the contents 
  • Providing a clear layout 
  • You can view the videos 
  • The videos can be sorted by the time and title 
  • The app can be zoomed 
  • Provide editing for the videos 
  • You are able to share the contents 
  • You are able to move the contents to the other private folders 
  • This is supported for the WiFi and Bluetooth both 
  • You could use many devices to use this kind of an app 

     Those are the features of the app you have to know. Then I would like to tell you about a matter that most of the people paid their attention to. That is about the legal proceedings related to this above app. There is no legal barrier to the use of the app. You could work with the app as you wish. 

   Then we will see about the,

FAQs about Samsung Video Player 

Q: Is this app safe for my device? 

A: yes, it is totally safe. That has scanned. Therefore there can’t be any harmful thing Contin in there. 

Q: Are there any ads contained here? 

A: yes, there are some more ads here. Those are placed by the app developer. 

Q: Is this totally free for use? 

A: yes, this is totally free for your device. 

   Now you know all the details related to the above app. I think you are able to understand the importance of an app like this. Therefore you have to use this app and experience it yourselves. Also check out about, Peggo Apk [2.0.7] Download | Video to Mp3 Recorder 2020 [Official Website]

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