MIUI Screen Recorder Android apk V1.4.4 Latest version free Download [7.8 MB]

    By the topic itself you could identify the task of the above app. So this app lets you record everything that would take place on your mobile screen. Now you have a brief idea about the above screen recording app. This is especially helpful in the gameplay. Other than games you can record any other thing even. You can start the MIUI screen recorder by the button at the bottom. Also, you could stop this in the same place. Then you were able to watch the captured video on a floating window. Other than them you can always control the length of the recorded video. That means if you feel the length of the video is too much you could shorten the video.

  This is functioning with only the Xiaomi devices. Without the help of any other app this app could record the internal sounds of the app too. Then I think you have got more necessary details and an idea about the app. Therefore let us see some basic details about the app. 

  • Size of the MIUI Screen Recorder –  this is about 1.39 MB sized app 
  • The latest version of the app – this is 1.4.4
  • Downloads of the MIUI Screen Recorder – this app has finished about 100,000+ downloads 
  • The requirement of the app – It needs android devices up to 5.0

Those are the basic descriptions of the MIUI screen recorder. Then we can take the MIUI screen recorder. 

   You can download the MIUI screen recorder by using the above download links. Then you have to install them by using a Manual process. Then follow the guidance below in the steps.

How to download and install the MIUI screen recorder on an android device? 


  • Download the MIUI screen recorder from the above-given links 
  • Then you have to enable the unknown sources from the security settings on the settings folder. 
  • If you haven’t enabled it the whole download process will be blocked 
  • Then you could be able to open the downloaded app. You can find it by the notification panel 
  • Then click on the install by agreeing with all the conditions 
  • Now the whole process is finished. Work with the app 

By following the above process you could get successfully installed the above app. Then we have to move with the most significant app. 

Those are the features of the app. 

Features of the MIUI screen recorder 

  • Specially designed for Xiaomi products 
  • No need to pay 
  • Easy to use 
  • Availability of the sound source 
  • Showing the touch gestures 
  • The using of the lock screen at the end 
  • Fixing of framing rate 
  • Only using the mic sounds 
  • It only uses the system sounds 
  • Muting screen recording audio 
  • Better quality and the better resolution 
  • The presence of the6 navigation button 

That is about the features of the app. Those are more significant features that you can obtain by the screen recording app. Then we will discuss them, 

Is this MIUI Screen Recorderpermitted by the law? 

   There is no problem or restriction and every Xiaomi device comes with this app pre-installed. Therefore you could use it as your wish. So then,

FAQs about MIUI Screen Recorder

Q: Is this safe for my device? 

A: Yes, this is safe for the devices. There is no harm contained in the MIUI screen recorder. 

Q: Is this MIUI Screen Recorder free to use? 

A: yes, you don’t need to pay for the app. 

Q: Are there any ads contained here? 

A:  No, there are not many ads contained here. 

Q: Is Root required for the MIUI Screen Recorder? 

A: No need for the root permissions required for this type of screen recorder app. But the other screen recording apps required the rooting. 

   That is all about the MIUI screen recording app. I told you all the wanted details. But you are the person that has the authority to decide if this is useful or not. Then try this app and see whether this matches you. Also, check out about, Peggo Apk [2.0.7] Download | The best Video to Mp3 Recorder in 2020 

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