Wuffy Player Android apk V3.5.7 arm64- v8a Latest version free Download [11.54 MB]

 This above is an application that is required to entertain. You could enjoy the live programs as well as other media with the help of the Wuffy Player app.  You could use this app from your smart android phone. Certainly your mobile phone will create a full player of video and audio content there. The … Read more

PLAYit Android apk V2.2.3.16 Latest version free Download [15.35 MB]

 This app can be introduced as a video player and a music player that supports multiple formats of them. Within the 2020 year, the PLAYit is known as the best video playing app in the year.       This is not only acting as a music and video player, but there are also more tasks that can … Read more

MIUI Screen Recorder Android apk V1.4.4 Latest version free Download [7.8 MB]

    By the topic itself you could identify the task of the above app. So this app lets you record everything that would take place on your mobile screen. Now you have a brief idea about the above screen recording app. This is especially helpful in the gameplay. Other than games you can record any other thing … Read more

Samsung Video Player Android apk V7.3.04.111 – Latest version free Download [7.8 MB]

The above app is acting as a video player on mobile phones. That is especially for Samsung mobile phones. That is the default feature here. You can perform multiple tasks of the videos. You can use this app to watch many videos. There are two types of videos that can be watched by using this app … Read more

Lomotif android apk V2.4.15 – Latest version free Download [20 MB]

Lomotif can be known as the Instagram editor for the music videos. Not only for Instagram it can be applied to Facebook and for the other social media. This is known as the best app for such a process. Through this app you could add music to the various other clips. Also you could join … Read more